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We've all been there...Summer rolls around and you realize a few important items didn't make your spring cleaning to-do list. Well, we've got you covered! Check out our list of those important, sometimes forgettable, but highly beneficial maintenance items to keep your home happy this summer!

  1. Clean Gutters and Downspouts: A Carolina summer is sure to bring a daily afternoon shower, make sure your gutters and downspouts are prepared for the beating. This will also help keep your mulch and flower beds nice and tidy, but if you're anything like us, this to do item only pops up when it's already raining!
  2. HVAC Service: No one wants to be left without AC, especially in the summer! This item is another one that you don't want to leave until it's too late. Better yet, get on a maintenance plan with a local reputable company, and they'll remind you when you're due for service!
  3. Crawl Space Check: Carolina heat does not play nice with moist spaces, which is exactly why it made our list. This is a great time to check on that crawl space to ensure there's no standing water or visible leaks.
  4. Replace Air Filters: Practical yet forgettable, and because no one keeps track or keeps an eye on vents and ceilings. Bonus, might even save you some future dusting!
  5. Smoke Detector Battery Change: No explaining necessary, just remember the last time you were woken up at 2am and had to follow the chirp to find the culprit.
  6. Refrigerator Upkeep: Changing your refrigerator filters will keep this major appliance running at maximum capability. Grab an air filter and water filter to have on hand when those warning lights decide to make an appearance.
  7. Power Wash: The most satisfying of the outdoor cleaning. Driveways, porches, and siding, oh my! You won't realize how much grime buildup occurs over the course of a year, until you apply that pressure. Keeping up with this item will pay off over time, less build up=less time spent.
  8. Landscape Sloping and Sprucing: As we wrap up our list, we circle back to item #1. After you've cleaned the gutters and downspouts, check that the sloping throughout your landscaping continues the flow of water away from your home. No one wants to put all work into beautifying your landscaping and flower beds, just to have it all wash away!

If you're looking to follow an annual maintenance schedule, use your closing date for reference. This way you'll always know that when that time rolls around again, you'll need to refresh these areas, and you'll always be one step ahead!

And remember, all of our Elevate Real Estate clients are encouraged through their purchase process to consider a home warranty. It can be a small peace of mind that could help save you save big on replacing major appliances like your HVAC, water heater, garbage disposal, and more! If you're interested in renewing your warranty or want to check on pricing for how to extend the warranty with one of our preferred and local contractors - please reach out to us today!

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